Star Wars Republic Commando

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  • Hey guys,

    hopefully you can support the game star wars republic commando for your master server. Basicly its just a modified ut2004, but more buggy and shity programmed^^

    ver: 2226
    gamename: swrcommando

    If you need more information, ask me^^
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  • Welcome Plasma :D
    = Hook =
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  • Indeed, hi Plasma and welcome to The Errorist Network/333networks forums!

    As you so kindly mentioned, swrcommando uses a similar protocol as ut2004. The protocol for ut2004 has been on our agenda for a while, so I guess that it is time for us to start with that as well. I can not say when, yet. There are three big projects on my agenda still, which I hope to complete <before> March this year.

    I understood that you and Polyverse already started looking into it, which is great! As my other projects near completion, I will probably have more and more time to get involved. If anyone has related information, please do paste in this thread.
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