Land of the Dead Master Server help?

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  • Hello,

    The Games developers dropped the MSsupport in about 2010, luckily an insider provided a game enthusiast with the domain and the master server software.

    Its worked well, but it tends to crash often once in a while, for a number of days. Having a second master server alternative, incase the main one fails would be really great.

    The Game was released in 2005 and runs on the UT2003 - Build 2226 Engine.
    Would you please help provide a second master server, or help me setup one for myself? I would want to to understand what it works like either way, incase we ever need a working master server. Thanks in advance.
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  • I believe the MS would easily work on all games based on the same protocol. LOTD would need an UT2003 ms.
    Once they will be released, will there be an instruction tutorial on how to use the UT2003-4 ms software?

    If you wish, we could help with a collaboration, we have a domain name, a shared host for our forums, and 3 servers for this game, running daily. We would like to always have insurances that if the available master servers fails, we can always set up a new one. Thank you :)

    Oh, there is one other game based on this same game that was released without a master server, and we would like to do something about it too. The Masterserver domain got parked before the game got on the market and the releasing/dev company went off soon after its release.

    Once again, thanks in advance. I hope you can help us with keeping these old games alive :)
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  • Correct, most games using the old protocol can work, but some developers chose non-standard settings or used it in a non-standard way.
    It can take a bit of testing to iron out all the wrinkles for a full solution.

    Multiplayer Demo versions of the games can help our team, so if you can provide links it will help when they get to it.
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  • This game works with the same masterserver system used on UT2003-4. The Engine is for UT2004, but they use the UT2004 ports. Well, the game is imbred between these two versions. It should work nicely with the main masterserver code for any of those games.

    The game demo has an option to host a multiplayer game, but its grayed out, and there is no MasterServer for it.
    The main masterserver is offline also atm. But here you can see download mirrors for the demo :

    I can provide you with a copy of the main game, and gameservers for testing.
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  • Any progress on this game yet? Land of the Dead?'s_Green

    If you need help on capturing the query data from the server and client let me know... just tell me what software to use to do just that.
    I'm running a home windows server.. So...i just need to know what to use to capture the data for you is all I need.
    ... windows / dos or what ever it may be...

    Thanks for any help... hope you can make it happen for lotd. thanks.
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